Rajasthan Skill Livelihood Development Corporation (RSLDC )-RSTP

Rajasthan is the first state in India to establish a mission for livelihoods, in September 2004, in order to address the challenges of unemployment and ensuring gainful and sustainable employment by formulating appropriate and innovative strategies for the poor and vulnerable people. In view of the importance regarding skill development for enhancing employability of working population, Rajasthan Mission on Skill and Livelihoods, in 2009-10, formulated specific action plans to provide further impetus to the Skill Trainings. The Mission was incorporated as Section 25 Company (Not for Profit) on 17thAugust, 2010 and the Chief Secretary was appointed as the Chairman. Post budget announcement in 2011-12, the cabinet approved its conversion as corporation in Nov, 2011 and May, 2012 it was converted into corporation. RSLDC currently operates by employing multipronged strategies to engage stakeholders from industries, training institutes, education sector, associations and government bodies with various active Skill Development Centers.