Director's Message

“Through action-oriented learning interventions, we have provided opportunities for young people to become active citizens. They can Gain deeper self awareness, develop an understanding of social responsibility and also become inspired active citizens.”

Divine International Foundation is an organization where each and every person has the opportunity to make a significant contribution and be recognized. We are here to create lots of job for either Fresher or the experienced candidates after polishing them through training in different sectors, hundreds of millions of new job opportunities will be provided in the services, manufacturing and construction sectors. This will result in the transformation of Indian society, its culture, its politics, and the country’s natural and built environment. Through this, we also have the potential to end poverty, constrain inequality and develop sustainably and peacefully into a powerful stabilizing force as the world’s largest and most vibrant democracy.

We need to emphasize and reinforce our commitment and adherence to our Standard of Business. Our ethics are our guide. The greatest asset of any organization is its people and the right people are our biggest assets. We don’t hire people based upon filling a slot or to fit a niche. Acquire the right people for getting the job done. It starts by understanding what the organizational needs are and looking for employees that meet the established criteria. Follow with extensive screening and psychological profiling to determine a match with organizational culture. Applying and following “suitability standards” will go a long way toward achieving positive results. Remember, each employee is personally responsible and accountable for helping.


Sanjay Chaturvedi