Aajeevika Integrated Livelihood Support Project (ILSP)-UGVS

  • Provide livelihood resources or all the rural area under the working area of UGVS.
  • Establish SHGs, promote them and with the help microfinance strengthen the members within the working area of UGVS.
  • Organise programme and trainings for Agriculture based activities like agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry etc to support livelihood of rural community.
  • To help of these programmes community will get trained and establish the small units of productions.
  • Organise activities for beneficiaries based on non-farm micro and small enterprises.
  • Conduct communication activities for project's activities, programme and trainings for this publish IEC materials.
  • Conduct M & E for purposed projects activities.
  • Coordinate with all government departments and NGOs to support different programs of the project.
  • Finalise all the necessaries policies including establishment of DPMUs and recruit the staff to implement the project under the guidelines of IFAD.