Sunita - Case Study

Name of Student Sunita
Age 25
Gender Female
Social Category general
Father’s name Hari singh negi
Mother’s name Sun dei
Village Koti
Block Name Kalsi
District Name Dehradun
State Name Uttrakhand
Family Background Farmer
Trade obtained training Mushroom cultivation
Name of Training VTP DIF
Current Designation Self employment
Salary + Perks 3000-5000
UGVS ID 118000623

The Pre training Situation: - Sunita belongs to a poor family. She lives in a small village of Uttarakhand. After 5th standard she stopped studies due to her poor family financial conditions. She heard about the UGVS programme and decided to attend the counselling session at her own village. She was very much influenced and passionate about to join training program and in spite of all condition she want to be technically skilled so that she can do something for her family as well as for livelihood promotion.

The challenges faced during Training- Sunita faced road and transportation problems because there is no road facility available at hilly areas. There is only a way to reach at training centre i.e. walking by foot.

Post Training Outcome:- Sunita has positive changes in her knowledge level and now she’s skilled for Mushroom cultivation through scientific techniques. Efficiently she is doing mushroom cultivation and selling it for her livelihood.